Who We Are

LSJ Enterprises offers a great career with exceptional benefits.

We give our people the liberty to be who they want to be and express their ingenuity in the most amazing ways. We let your dreams fly. We don’t box creativity.

We are here to offer the right support for you with whatever you will need to succeed . For us, we believe work should be fun and more importantly help our people be better at what they do.

Working at LSJ Enterprises has been exciting for me.

“I enjoy working in an organisation that is inclusive, and supports me to be better not just on my job, but as an individual. LSJ enterprises has been all of this for me.”

Kya Priestley

Account & Admin Manager

Customer first

Our Values.

For us, the customer comes first and it is important for us to deliver excellence. We are passionate about integrity, making sure that we are not just in business to make money but to make sure our partners–like you make money and grow business. All of this begins first across our offices and warehouse–it begins with driving value for people.


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